Dr. Niusha Shafiabady
Dr. Niusha Shafiabady
Torrens University, Australia
Title: Energy Management for Supercapacitor-Battery-Solar Panel Hybrid Energy Storage System Using Computational Intelligence
Using renewable energy as power source is of great importance in our modern society. In this work, design and implementation of hybrid energy storage system to provide electricity from solar energy in a consistent manner is demonstrated. Different computational intelligence algorithms and methods, namely support vector machines, neural networks together with evolutionary optimisation algorithms, have been used to minimise the production costs and eliminate power cut during peak hours of electricity consumption. Support vector machines and neural networks have been applied for prediction of the electricity consumption during the peak hours, and evolutionary optimisation algorithms have been used for minimising the production costs and finding the optimal numbers of components in the hybrid energy storage system.
Dr Niusha Shafiabady is an internationally recognised expert in the field of Computational and Artificial Intelligence with several years of professional experience (including leadership positions) in academia and industry.
She has held various academic positions in internationally recognised universities – she is currently an associate professor at Torrens university in Australia. 
In addition, she has been involved in Computational Intelligence industry since 2000, as project consultant/manager, chief scientific advisor and business owner. She is the founder of CognoBit - an AI software development company in Australia, and the creator of Ai-Labz - an Artificial Intelligence tool with many predictive capabilities that can be used in different industry sectors. 
She is the inventor of an optimization algorithm named after herself and is the copyright holder of “Artificial Intelligence Development Solutions”. She has published several research articles, particularly in Tier 1 journals, co/supervised Higher Degree Research students and is the recipient of several awards and credentials. She is the Fellow of Higher Education Academy of the United Kingdom. She has led several projects in various sectors in which she has applied Artificial and Computational Intelligence methods to solve real-life problems.